Bronco's gristly piece of meat

Finely minced meat, packed into a tube-shaped animal intestine casing

A poem
Bronco's feeling peckish,
So cooks himself a banger.
He clasps it 'twixt his thighs,
As though it were his wanger.

Styling by:
Bronzo - 'My eyes are better than my thighs'


xxx phone calls

They always call back when they hear my phone messages

A haiky
I'm busy, busy.
Making very urgent calls.
But I still fondle.

Lighting by:
Bronzo - 'My chin is my thing'


Our office

Office furniture by xxxplayboys

A poem
Bronzo needs a bureau
Somewhere to rest her mugs
The boys are keen to help her
They crave her milky jugs

Photo by:
Bronzo - 'My sweet milky jugs are my tools'
Vuile, vrouw Bronzo