The sausage

The sausage. Small, but perfectly held.

Bronco likes his sausage,
He's eaten most of it,
But, look, he holds it for you,
And gently rubs the tip...



Syrprise, surprise. The unexpected hits the laydeez between their eyes
A haiku
I wear my black gloves,
And I cover my two eyes.
Oh! Surprise, surprise!

The triple x boys - doing what they do best

We only do this for you

The triple x boys love you,
They know what ladies know,
They know you crave the aubergine,
How they make your juices flow...


Bronco's proud display

Bronco's got a handful,
It's organic and so fresh,
But careful, it's got seeds in,
When you peel away the flesh...


Like an ice lolly
A hiaku
I assume my place,
Bronco gets it out quickly.
He don't mind my tongue.
Vuile, vrouw Bronzo