Rolakab's special cream

The cream
A haiku
I make my warm cream.
It is used for Bronzo's skin.
Her flesh is so smooth.

Feeling fruity

Firm grip

Bronco's feeling fruity,
His fervour is divine,
He strokes and rubs and fondles,
Oh my darling clementine...


The small animal that resides near by groinal area. He comes out to play when the camera clicks.
A haiku
I love to display.
Here is the seal of my love
For you, the laydeez.


Touch. It is the most sensuous sense, and we do it for you, the laydeez.
A haiku
I cup my two breasts,
He cradles my groinal zone.
We do this for you.


We do the pose for you. The laydeez.
Somtimes Bronco gives
Rolakab a ride on his
Broad, masculine back.
Bromwyn comes alive when a banana appears

Bronwyn's smile, just says it all,
She's clearly in nirvana,
Her eyes light up, her glasses mist,
As Bronco peels his 'nana.


We combine for your pleasure
Sometimes Bronco and
Rolakab get together
And fuse their strong love.


Email us with your (fully-clothed) fantasies at:
The pose that we know you like

Calm down ladies, Bronco's here,
His jeans are vaccuum packed,
His proud behind, for your delight,
Spread-eagle, firm, compact...
Strong love

Bronco's driving - heading north,
His route has not been planned,
He knows that maps don't matter now,
He has the whole world in his hand
My bottom
My body is nice.
But it is has just one drawback...
It needs to be clothed.


Big, but fully clothed
Bronco's jeans are tighter now,
They stretch against his skin,
He knows just where it needs to go,
And knows just where it's been...
Always with clothes on
Rolakab, he likes to touch,
And feel the power of love.
It is strong in him.
Fully clothed and proud
Bronco Plunge knows what he wants,
The ladeez know what too,
He opens wide and shuts his eyes,
Ladeez - it's for you...

Vuile, vrouw Bronzo