Bronco's gristly piece of meat

Finely minced meat, packed into a tube-shaped animal intestine casing

A poem
Bronco's feeling peckish,
So cooks himself a banger.
He clasps it 'twixt his thighs,
As though it were his wanger.

Styling by:
Bronzo - 'My eyes are better than my thighs'


xxx phone calls

They always call back when they hear my phone messages

A haiky
I'm busy, busy.
Making very urgent calls.
But I still fondle.

Lighting by:
Bronzo - 'My chin is my thing'


Our office

Office furniture by xxxplayboys

A poem
Bronzo needs a bureau
Somewhere to rest her mugs
The boys are keen to help her
They crave her milky jugs

Photo by:
Bronzo - 'My sweet milky jugs are my tools'


A message for our Japanese fans, from the far East...

こんにちは日本人。私達は私達の仕事を楽しむほど嬉しい。私達はthre の世界により柔らかい場所をすることを望んでいるちょうど2 人の控え目なプレーボーイである。さようなら私達の友人。


Ghonorrea with the wind

Apologies for the delay in new material. We still realise that you don't want the hard stuff, just soft, the way we know you like it.
Better out than in
A poem
Bronco's at the clinic,
Not feeling very well.
The nurse is sympathetic,
Though she can't abide the smell.

Styling by:
Bronzo - 'My bowl is my tool'


xxxplayboys -- the hot comic for you

Lots of fun and games
A haiku
We hate the nakeds.
Nudity upsets us both.
We know what to do.

Photo by:
Bronzo - 'My lens is my tool'


If you loves us, email us

We de-file at noon

The report was satisfactory but far from glowing.
A haiku
I check my report.
Bronco files. My leg is cocked...
I cannot resist.

The Carrot

Bronco needs to rub harder and harder to remove the filth.
Bronco's got a carrot,
It's thick with mud and grime,
So Bronco buffs and cleans it,
For hours at a time

Hot socks!

The socks, always the socks. They rock.
A haiku
When we're feeling hot,
And ready to do the do,
We keep our socks on.
Vuile, vrouw Bronzo